Burning Questions about Testing and Education in Asia

About the 2024 A-ATP Conference

The A-ATP conference offers a unique and invaluable platform for professionals across diverse sectors, including educators, employers, researchers, test sponsors, program managers, clinicians, and business leaders within the assessment industry. This gathering provides an outstanding opportunity for collective learning, idea presentation, and extensive networking, fostering collaboration and advancement in the field of assessment.

Objectives for this year’s conference:
  • Promoting the quality of testing programs by introducing products, theories, and best practices.
  • Identifying industry trends in each market in Asia, and
  • Lowering the barriers for local practitioners to gain global access to quality test contents, technologies, and partners/clients via establishing their direct professional network.

The Association of Test Publishers (ATP) is a global, non-profit organisation representing providers of tests and assessment tools and services. A-ATP is the Regional Division of ATP which is committed to meeting the local needs and interests of the Asian test publishing and test delivery communities and enabling their access to ATP initiatives and activities having global importance and local relevance. A-ATP brings together stakeholders from China, South Korea, Japan, S.E. Asia, and from other Asian regions to join the global publishing communities of North America and Europe. This global alliance forms a strong foundation with a common position and policy on testing issues (e.g., intellectual property protection, privacy, best practices for all forms of testing, cultural adaptation of tests, interoperability and innovated testing methods and procedures).